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What is noise in general? The noise is vibrations in air, and it is propagated by pressure variation. Scientifically sound and noise are same, but noise is unwanted sounds.

Humans may tend to have negative effects for noises like conductive, sensory, neural, and mixed hearing loss, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), tinnitus. Employees at lower noise exposure level will also experience the hearing loss whilst exposed to chemicals known ototoxic, combined exposure with noise include smoking, vibration, and stress. Well, there is certain audible range to which human ear is sensible to approx. 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz or 0 to 140 dB. Hearing is most sensitive to the frequencies approx. 400 Hz – 5000 Hz.

The acceptable noise levels in the workplace are the same in all states, the noise limits in the workplace are:

Noise in the workplace at or above LAeq 8hr 85 dB(A) or

Noise in the workplace at or above LC Peak 140 dB(C). Read more about noise at workplace.

Identifying the level of noise exposed in the workplace or the surrounded areas will help the personal to take the necessary precautionary measures like wearing the hearing protectors. Good signage display in the areas of noise exposure level exceedance is the alarming way to the usage of hearing protectors at workplace.

It cannot be simply said that, the level of noise exposed based on the surroundings with more sounds. Not only the higher-level noise causes the hearing damage, the slight elevated level of noise over the significant noise level of above 80 dB (A) for the prolonged duration is also a crucial factor that leads to hearing hazardous. The only proper way to determine the risk involved in noise exposure level will be through the noise Testing. Conducting noise assessment at your workplace or the surrounded areas details the level of noise exposure of the personnel working in that area. Noise assessment also helps us to categorize the risks based on the exposure level, duration of exposure, summarize the exposure level with simulated results. On the basis of acquired results, personals are advised for the hearing protectors or ways to control noises.

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To comply with the work health and safety regulations, it is always recommended the noise assessment should be carried out carried out within 3 months of commencing or at least every 2 years to monitor changes in noise exposure due to various factors and before. Click here to know more about legislation and Australian Workplace Audiometric Testing Standards apply to your business.

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