Risk Assessment - Anitech Noise Assessment

Any personnel experience the noise disturbances in an occupational environment will definitely have an impact. The risk of exposure to be controlled and maintain the noise exposure below the acceptable level. Control of occupational hazard must be established at workplace for the well-being of workers. Establishing control methods to protect the working personnel like hazard identification at working environment, risk assessment and the control measures for the noise exposure.

Hazard Identification – The identification of noise hazard can be done by performing the site check to identify the risk of noise exposure, discuss and consult with employees.

Risk Assessment – Carrying out the proper noise assessment and the measurement obtained needs to be compared with acceptable noise standards and regulation to assess the risk level. Each risk against the respective exposure limits must be defined in report and explained to the employees.

Control Measures – Controls measures based on the hierarchy of controls from elimination of source or process, substitution of process, Engineering control of noise at the source, reducing the noise transmission from source to receiver and lastly implementing Personal Protection Equipment to reduce noise exposure of in occupational environment.

Noise Assessment and risk at work place

Monitor and conduct the regular noise risk assessments as defined in Safety and Regulation Act to easily identify early signs of adverse effects that caused by noise exposure.

Personal Noise Exposure

Considering eight (8) hours as a workday since most of the country’s employment law is permitted 8 hours as nominal working day then the term “noise exposure normalized to a nominal 8-hour working day.” Based on the working hours either longer workday or shorter workdays the noise exposure results will be normalized to 8-hour day. Normalizing will allow for easy and direct comparison to noise standards and regulations act. This is expressed as LAeq,8h.

Peak Value – The greatest noise level to which the employees exposed in a nominal working day. The peak value closely related to the impulsion of the sound. This peak value is the maximum noise to which employees are exposed in a working day. This is expressed as LCpeak.

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